Monday, May 14, 2012

Raffle amp power tube board

Progress continues on the raffle amplifier.  Here's some build-log snaps of the power tube board.  Again, I'm doing something a bit different here.  Rather than just use terminal strips to hang components directly off the tube pins, I've opted this time for the different approach of a separate board with socket-sized holes that can be positioned directly over the tube sockets.  I tried this first for my LA-2A build, and it worked out pretty well. It allows for a slightly more "3D" approach to the components around the tube socket.  Heater wiring, for instance will be running flush with the chassis, well separated from the sensitive bits.  I've also been becoming unhappy with the practice of directly soldering the screen stop resistors directly between pins 4 and 6 supported only by their leads.  This should prevent them from rattling around.  The board is 6"x2.25", with 1" diameter holes above the power tubes. 

Ready to go. Just missing the (optional) 3kV R3000 protection diodes:  

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