Friday, December 9, 2011

Layout for Gibson GA-5 type circuit

Just for fun, I whipped this layout up tonight for the classic old Gibson GA-5 circuit -- the amp looks to be more-or-less Gibson's equivalent of the Fender Champ.  There's not even a tone control.  The only modification from the original is the addition of a voltage divider for heater elevation, and screen and grid stoppers.  This is definitely a draught, as I haven't built or checked it over, and obviously the fuses, heaters, power indicator and switch are not shown.  But it should be in the ballpark.

Update: see also the related layout I've posted for the 5F1 Champ.   It is very similar, but omits a couple of the additions, including the extra filter for the heater elevation, and shows values more like what would have been found in a Tweed-era Fender.

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