Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Grail is coming together

I've been too busy drawing, drilling, and soldering to post too many pictures here lately.  The Grail amp project has been coming together rapidly.  But tonight my soldering iron died, so I took the time to snap a few pictures.

Gutshot showing the power tube wiring and the boards that have already been completed: 

Note that the whole area to the left will be occupied by the main board. There are no less than six boards on this amp.

Here's a closeup of the what's going on in the power section. On the side wall left is the DC heater board,  on the back wall is the bias supply board, and visible right behind the heater transformer is the variable voltage regulation and rectifier board:

Here's the preamp voltage regulator board that's visible in the first picture, before it was installed:

This picture gives you a good idea of the size of the chassis, which is a huge 27" x 10" x 3".  Big as it is, nearly every inch will be filled with circuitry by the time it's finished:

Finally, here's a snapshot of the top deck, with all ten tube sockets visible.  Note the cool-looking Antek toroidal power transformer:

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