Saturday, April 9, 2011

LA-2A proposed face engraving plan

It's almost time to send the LA-2A faceplate off for laser engraving, so it's time to make some final decisions.  Does the Wombat logo stay or go? How about the Leveling Amplifer text?  The power switch is currently not labeled, but could be. I'm tending to think it doesn't need it. Any other last minute tweaks required?

Update - here's another pass at it. I forgot the switch that bypasses the compression and allows the unit to be used just as a mic preamp:


  1. I vote to keep the Wombat logo on the plate. You have to figure that a lot of people will be through the studio and see this piece of gear. Leaving a strong impression through branding might bring you more commissions.

  2. Yes, it would be my preference. It's up to the customer though!