Friday, December 12, 2014

A new integrated amplifier project

More details will come later on this integrated tube hi-fi project that I've been slowly working on since around April of this year, but which is now finally coming together.  For now, here are some pictures of the build in progress.  The first shows the hand-etched PCB boards mounted to the the chassis top, while the bottom shows a test fitting of the transformers and tubes.  The chassis was machined and anodized to my specification by Landfall Systems out of McKinney, TX.  While it was on the pricey side, I have to say that they did an amazing job, and that the quality of the workmanship was superb.  They were also very nice to work with.  The front and back panel will still be sent to TMI Amplification out of Alexandria, VA, as they are my unsurpassed go-to place for laser-engraving.  In fact, I would have had TMI do the machining for the top as well, except that Landfall was able to offer post-machining anodization which was a really nice touch for the top.

Tube complement here is 4 x KT-88s power tubes and  2 x 6AN8 triode/pentodes for the power sections (which resemble those found in the Dynaco Mk. III but for the PSU)  and 4 x 6DJ8 triodes for the preamps.

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