Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wombat EMP-351 photo gallery

So it turns out that I was horrible about blogging this project! I managed one preliminary design post, but then nothing.  But it's not because I had nothing to say, I just got busy. I actually did a pretty good job of documenting everything as the build progressed and I have plenty to share. So, I hope to redeem myself by instead starting at the end and working backwards!  To make amends, I begin by offering a photo gallery of the completed unit featuring some great work by Richmond based commercial photographer Adam Ewing

Just as a reminder, the EMP-351 is an all-tube microphone preamplifier that is based on a well-known mod of the classic AMPEX 351 reel-to-reel player that was pioneered over at Electrical Audio.
As you can see, I ended up building a dual version, which adds a few bells and whistles to the original version, including additional line level and high impedance inputs, as well as impedance selection and an attenuator bypass switches.  It also includes amenities such as 48V phantom power, an output attenuator, phase switch and input selector. This particular unit is was constructed for Andrew Everding, audio engineer at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios in Auckland, NZ.

Much of the credit for the beautiful appearance of the finished unit rightfully belongs to Mason Wolak of TMI amplification, an Alexandria, VA based company that did the laser engraving of the faceplates.  Thanks also to John Morand of Sound of Music Recording Studios for helping out with the final calibration and checkout.

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