Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The raffle amp cabinetry is coming along!

While I was away away on vacation, the bits and pieces of the amplifier I am creating for my raffle in support of the my Team-in-Training fundraiser to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are starting to arrive, and things are starting to come together!  A few more weeks and we'll have a beautiful custom amplifier ready for some lucky winner.  To whet your appetite, here are some preliminary photographs (there's still a bit of sanding and finishing to do) of the custom Cherry wood cabinet being constructed (and generously donated to the cause) by my amp-building crony Ben Sykora of Sykora Custom Tube Amps!

 In addition, the OT and the PT have arrived.  The OT is a Heyboer-wound TO-26 unit from Allen Amplification.   This is a great OT that I have used previously in a Tremolux-style build.  But since it is beefier and has 50% more core steel than a typical tweed 6V6 OT, I've found that it works well also for 6L6GB or 5881 tubes with an intentional impedance mismatch.  The PT is an AS-2T300 300V 200VA toroidal unit from Antek that is suitable for use both in the US and UK/Europe/Australia, with a simple wiring change....  I also upped for the nice anodized steel case for the PT, as I do with my Grail amplifiers.. so it should look pretty slick too! 

Don't forget, each donation of $25 to my LLS fundraising page counts as one ticket in the amplifier raffle!

Thanks again Ben, this cab is going to be amazing!

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