Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rangemaster Recap

Hi All,

I had a chance finally to finish and box up both my updated Rangemaster and Humless A/B/Y box projects, both of which incorporate circuit ideas from the excellent geofex website.

 This version of the Rangemaster is at heart the classic circuit, but incorporates both R.G. Keen's MAX1044 based charge pump with stereo jack switching  circuit to allow it to be run from a standard "negative ground" 9V supply, as well as R.G.'s original JFET-based millennium bypass.   

Here's the final, corrected PCB art. The board dimensions are 1.25" H x 2.3" wide:

A pair of etched PCBs made with the Press n' Peel blue method:

Here's a drill plan for a standard "B" size enclosure.  This image should be printed at 5.25" W x 4.625" H:

 Rangemaster guts (right hand box):

Finished Rangemaster (right hand box):

 I'll update this soon with the final schematic.

The bottom line is that I'm very happy with the final result.  At the end of the day, it is (and sounds like) a true germanium PNP Rangemaster -- but is one that will get along happily with a standard polarity pedal power supply.  The Millennium bypass is also working well - with the 2N5460 JFET, there seems to be no perceptible delay in the lighting of the LED once the switch is engaged, and is, so far as I can tell, otherwise completely sonically transparent.

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