Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introducing the Wombat Amps "Grail"

Here's a couple of schematic and layout sketches for the shortly-upcoming Wombat amps "Grail" amplifier, A.K.A the "Fletchinator". This amp will be a no-compromises monster suitable for everything from playing on the big stage to recording in the studio, to practicing in the attic.  It's a full-featured 10 tube, 100W-class amp with two channels, built in reverb, high quality parallel effects loop, 12V DC heaters for the preamp to ensure whisper quiet operation, foot-switching (for overdrive, tonestack lift boost, and reverb), and variable voltage regulation so that the amp can be dialed in anywhere from about 5W to somewhere in the 80-100W range.  The power supply is regulated and semi-stabilized with a with a capacitor multiplier replacing the choke, and a zener follower at the beginning of the preamp chain.  The amp is inspired by the Dumble amplifiers popularized by Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson, Larry Carleton, Robben Ford, and Carlos Santana. However, its design is also very much informed by the principles of modern musical instrument amplifier design promoted by the Valve Wizard,  Merlin Blencowe, in his excellent books and website.  It is not a clone.  The chassis, made by BrianS for me at Dirty Dawg, is a humongous 27" x 10" x 3", and every inch is needed.

Follow along with me over the next month or so as the amplifier begins to come together. Many of the components have already arrived.

The schematic and layout here are very much preliminary draughts -- there are known errors and the drawings are currently incomplete -- however, the final amp will be constructed substantially along these grounds. Please stay tuned!

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