Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mockup of the front panel

Here's a very preliminary mockup of the front panel for the Black Iris LA-2A:

Everything is just roughly placed.  I can see right off the bat that the VU meter isn't even centered, and, gee, I forgot the compression bypass switch I'm intending to install.  Also, I haven't found a satisfactory way to weave my wombat logo with the Black Iris insignia, I'll have to work on some less obtrusive way to get in a nod to the noble wombat.   Still, it gives the impression of what I'm going for. Bear in mind that the front panel will be black anodized aluminum, so the text will actually be silvery on a black background. Should look really cool, no?


  1. Looks very nice Paul. I think it will look really sharp with the silver/white exposed aluminum against the black anodize. What do you have in mind to use for knobs?


  2. Mason, I have some shiny 1.25" diameter aluminum knobs that I think will look really nice.

    The link on Mouser is:


    Ignore the part description saying these are plastic... they are aluminum.