Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Designing Audio Power Amplifiers

Lots of good stuff arriving in the mail these days.  Today my copy arrived of "Designing Audio Power Amplifiers" by Bob Cordell.  Bob is a very well respected audio engineer, but also an active DIY guy who has been very generous with his time on diyaudio and elsewhere.

This book is  about solid state power amps.  Picking this up was inspired by my desire to someday do a hybrid bass amp with a tube preamp and a SS power section.  Quite honestly, it's very expensive to build an-all tube bass amp with sufficient power (think HUGE and HEAVY transformers for one thing), and since bass players play mostly clean, it's not really worth the trouble.  The tube preamp and SS power amp just seems to make a lot of sense for me.

So, yes, there's more MOSFETs than you can shake a stick at in this book, but you've got to admit that those guys know a trick or two, and I suspect I'll learn a lot.   A quick skim shows that it is very well organized, and the information is presented in an accessible manner - I can tell already it will be a keeper.  Guess what I'll be taking to Hawaii to read over spring break? Yes, I am that much of a loser. Thank gods I'm already married.

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